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June 2006
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Hi, whoever you are.
This journal's experimental. I wasn't kidding about adult subjects, and no, I wasn't referring primarily to sex though there'll be mentions of it. Lan is asexual, not identifying as male or female, so that's not a hot topic of conversation here. (pun intended, yes) If mentions of violence or drug use sincerely upset you, whatever the cause? Don't read the further posts. (In which I'm going to use "he" sometimes not to lose my alleged mind writing this stuff.)
Lan does have a good sense of humor and welcomes company,(so long as they can tolerate snarkiness and the fact that not much can happen but talk). L's also selfish, manipulative, and has what could be called the bioware equivalent of sticky fingers. If a puppet of yours goes to his 'turf', they're well advised not to take any prized possessions with them. He has no compunctions about other people's rights to their property.
His likes: music, alcohol, books, new gadgets, sometimes computer games or new artwork, digital or hardcopy
Dislikes: animals, touchyfeely people, dirt(yup. Neat freak.), candy, reality TV, a few other things

Muse: Lan
Fandom: original character
Challenge: #19--Safe
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Current Mood: awake
Current Music: classical music


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